Backgrounds in Time-lapse

Starting a project with a blank canvas or paper is sometimes daunting. I just like to get color and texture on the surface. I know I will do layers and layers so nothing is permanent and everything is changeable…..the beauty of acrylic painting and layering!!

This time-lapse shows the background making process for these paintings (pictured below).


This is truly mixed media in that I used masking tape, acrylic paints, watercolors, watercolor and pastel pencils, matte medium, and inks. So much fun. The flowers on top are done with some supplies from my artsnacks boxes over the last few months. Opaque watercolors, that I had never used before. They were a lot of fun and it was awesome to have watercolor white stand out on top of a busy background.

The time-lapse video is at the bottom and the progression of flowers is below. Supplies list can be found here.



UPDATE: These pieces re now available for purchase in my online store.

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