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I am doing a lot of writing over on the mighty network, “The Studious Interpreter” – you are welcome to join the group .

consultation areas of interest

I am passionate about creative learning, and learning through alternative mediums and methods. Remote learning is an important aspect of our ever-evolving world.

Let’s do it right. Let’s do it together. Let’s increase quality while we do it!

Being a reflective practitioner is a central part of being an ever-growing life-long learner.

Reflecting-in-action and reflecting-on-action require intention and process.

As interpreters and interpreter educators, we need to be reflective and sensitive to our impact on consumers & colleagues

Interpreter educators are some of the least resourced practitioners in our field. Largely pulled from the interpreting field as quality practitioners they have been left to learn about teaching on the job. And given our small programs, often alone.

Let’s create a community of colleagues to share resources, create a place for experimentation and improvement, and collectively increase the quality of future practitioners.

As an interpreter educator and educator of interpreter educators, I have had opportunity to explore and research various approaches to interpreter education.

I love the idea of guiding faculty through curriculum review to look for areas of refinement, overhaul, and even creative, novel approaches.

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