Curly-haired Lovelies….a study of silhouettes


I am really enjoying creating on smaller canvases with a bit more real estate than typical canvases. These are 6x6x1.5…museum profile – which means I have 4 sides to use in my creativity.

These were multi-day pieces, with many, many layers involved. I had no idea they would be what they became.

I am a curly-haired girl who never had the “right” hair to fit in or look “professional,” always out of control curly hair with a mind of its own. Spent much of my life believing there was something wrong with the way my hair grew and with the look of curls. So, I decided to put this journey to canvas and explore curly-haired silhouettes, since most of the ones I’ve done have either had no hair or smooth hair….I wanted ones that looked like me!!

And then I had to do a poppy as well and play around with my neon magenta paints  – so fun!!

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