Group Coaching Offerings

Academic Coach in Training

Master of Arts in Interpreting Pedagogy

English/ASL Interpreter for 20+ years

Reflective Practitioner, Teacher, Consultant, & Artist

Group coaching

includes weekly group sessions to explore and reflect upon our practice as interpreter educators. Each session will be

Interpreter Educator Group Coaching

I am designing a 7-week group coaching package for interpreter educators, to start in January or February 2021.

I want to support us as we are continuing on our journey as remote educators and more long-term, as interpreter educators.

Topics I’m considering are disorietion/reorientation, values alignment, reflective practice as educators, etc. I’m also interested in what YOU are interested in and need for your continuing professional development.

If you are interested, please sign up for the waiting list below and provide your top 3 needs as an educator.

Coaching for Advanced Interpreters & leaders in Interpreting

Coming soon – the idea is to support leaders in the field of interpreting in doing their work with integrity, values, and reflective practice to uphold the quality of services provided in the field.

If you are interested in learning more when it is more fully developed and ready to launch, please click below to sign up for the waiting list.

Book aN Exploration Coaching Session today.

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