White Space

…also known as negative space in art and music…is the space around objects/shapes, colors.

This basic, but often overlooked, principle of design gives the eye a “place to rest,” increasing the appeal of a composition through subtle means (from Wikipedia)

My artwork tends toward colorful and full in general. There tends to be NO original white space and all white left is paint or gesso. I was reminded of the need for white space – a place for the eye to rest – when scrolling through facebook and seeing one person’s recent practice in this area.

So, in my studio time, I explored leaving some white space. I only started 2 backgrounds and it is going to take a bit of restraint to maintain the negative (white) space throughout the process to the final product.

Life parallels: the idea that more is better is not working for me right now, I need space to breathe and rest. Wanting more bang for my buck is also not working, I want space and lightness not thickness and heaviness.

Where are the rest areas in your life? Do yo have room to breathe? Do you need to do some editing?

Abstract on abstract…

think I’m done with this piece….but not 100% sure.

This is a piece on top of a sample canvas as well…. It has a ton of texture and then colors have added to its appeal for me. I also added some unifying texture with flowers and washi tape to bring it all together.

Again, I think it might be done…..but I’m sleeping on it for a few more days and we’ll see….
What do you think? Is it done? Or need more? If so, what?

Spiraling Layers of Redemption

So, this is a 2nd redeemed canvas, started on another demo canvas from a class on texture…..I redeemed it in one direction for a long time – in fact, to completion. Then wasn’t satisfied…so, I started again…layering…..and layering…..

It isn’t complete yet but I like the direction it is headed…I love the colors and the depth that I know is present, I love that what it is becoming as I continue the conversation with the canvas.

The Spiraling Redemption Process


Below is a video of the process that got me to the painting above. It was a canvas I had used for demo purposes at a session reflective art. I used it to show various techniques during a New Year’s painting session to invite the new year and new experiences.

In the process of “redeeming” this canvas, I journey a couple of different places. I started by deconstructing what it had been.  I used a drawing of a woman holding her knees that I had done as practice for a different “Held” piece (Held: Safe).

And I will say it again – hands are hard – so, I attempted one hand that ended up looking cartoony, finished it with details, etc. Not satisfied. Wiped it all back with baby wipes and let it dry while I moved on to another piece.

When revisiting, I did a single had large enough to envelope her and protect her. I love the colorful hand showing creativity, warmth, and joy. I also enjoyed every second of this redemption process….even when I didn’t like the aesthetics, I loved the process of pushing paint around the canvas, mixing colors, and adding textures.

As you view this time-lapse, I’m curious what strikes you about the iterative process of redeeming a canvas? Do you see life applications, learning lessons? What comes to mind for you?

Why I’m selling my art….

I realized I was creating less and then realized that

I was surrounded by “clutter” which was numbing my creative energies.

I know that simplifying and minimalism is all the rage these days, and it seems there is something to it.


I had lost motivation to create because my paintings were being d
one and then just stacked up or stored somewhere….that’s no fun, .

I need to free up my creative energies (and literal space)  to continue my journey as an artist.

All that to say, there are additional offerings of my original artwork in my store (squareup.com/store/studio27)

Curly-haired Lovelies….a study of silhouettes


I am really enjoying creating on smaller canvases with a bit more real estate than typical canvases. These are 6x6x1.5…museum profile – which means I have 4 sides to use in my creativity.

These were multi-day pieces, with many, many layers involved. I had no idea they would be what they became.

I am a curly-haired girl who never had the “right” hair to fit in or look “professional,” always out of control curly hair with a mind of its own. Spent much of my life believing there was something wrong with the way my hair grew and with the look of curls. So, I decided to put this journey to canvas and explore curly-haired silhouettes, since most of the ones I’ve done have either had no hair or smooth hair….I wanted ones that looked like me!!

And then I had to do a poppy as well and play around with my neon magenta paints  – so fun!!

Backgrounds in Time-lapse

Starting a project with a blank canvas or paper is sometimes daunting. I just like to get color and texture on the surface. I know I will do layers and layers so nothing is permanent and everything is changeable…..the beauty of acrylic painting and layering!!

This time-lapse shows the background making process for these paintings (pictured below).


This is truly mixed media in that I used masking tape, acrylic paints, watercolors, watercolor and pastel pencils, matte medium, and inks. So much fun. The flowers on top are done with some supplies from my artsnacks boxes over the last few months. Opaque watercolors, that I had never used before. They were a lot of fun and it was awesome to have watercolor white stand out on top of a busy background.

The time-lapse video is at the bottom and the progression of flowers is below. Supplies list can be found here.



UPDATE: These pieces re now available for purchase in my online store.

Small Square Abstracts

I have been pondering working on more than one piece at a time. As I have listened to various artists on podcasts, they consistently mention that they are simultaneously working on pieces so that they don’t force a piece or hit too much “creator’s block.”

I also enjoy the idea of playing with color and technique in various ways at the same time across various pieces. So, I’ve been envisioning an array of square papers (not canvases) to create a series and play. These would then be mounted on mat board – fingers crossed I can figure out how.

So, today, as I have been avoiding the predicted eclipse traffic (that didn’t manifest), I spent the morning in my art studio….painting, recording and PLAYING!!

I did a process video (pictures below)

Here are the results.