Body Series


Bodies….. we need them to function. They carry us around, faithfully – and sometimes not so faithfully. They are objects of contempt. Objects of affection. Women’s bodies create life in miraculous ways. And yet are never enough. They are judged unworthy.

This series is a challenge for me to embrace what is and celebrate that which is. These each have names like – compassionate, weary, defeated, BELOVED, sabbath, contemplative, beauty, complicated, and fearless.

I’m interested in reconciling…in some recent work I’m doing around grief and trying to learn how to grieve well, I have come across the elements of grieving loss – it requires forgiveness – of self, of other – and then reconciliation…. Reconciliation can look lots of different ways – no contact, limited contact, connection, or full, restored relationship.

I wonder what reconciliation can look like…. does it look like sitting in discomfort? Does it look like breathing? Deeper. Does it look like trial and error? Does it look like changed expectations or removing expectations? Does it look like celebration?

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