What I am learning teaching art in a series

I just taught my 3rd class in a series of 4 – Fearless Creating: from safe to bold. I ha10903922_1715061418722675_748345448629545535_ove learned a couple of lessons for myself and others, based on my observations.

  • art and creativity unfold over time – there is no quick fix, only patient endurance that allows the environment for unfolding
  • staying engaged, reaps unexpected rewards
  • not knowing the end result, and not controlling the end result is freedom and leads to smiles and confidence
  • “I wonder what would happen if….” becomes the precursor to action rather than self-doubt
  • a trust-filled environment that is both “bounded and free,” as Parker Palmer would say, is hard to maintain and yet worth the effort to hold that paradox – the pay off of discomfort is creativity that could not have been predicted, planned, or forced.

I have had a few people inquire about materials and supplies to use at home in replicating this experience in their own time so i have included a list below with links to Amazon for purchase if you would like. Most of these materials are also available at your local art/craft store.

Supplies List

I am part of the Amazon Affliliate Program and have linked to the items I used above. All you have to do is click on the item/pictureof item to be taken to the page.  You do not have to purchase from Amazon. If you do, I received a small percentage of the sale.

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