Poppies: Redemption

I wanted to do some playing with recording as well as playing with some new toys I purchased at a local Art Store that was having a sale.

I purchased a few Catalyst Blades & Wedges – silicone palette knife type tools that can create patterns in the paint as well as get it on the canvas with some thickness. I found them easy to use with matte medium and paper/texture/layers.

I am much happier with the final result than with the original. It is redeemed 🙂



One response to “Poppies: Redemption”

  1. […] My mom bought me this great present – it is a canvas holder – that has a different name on amazon…..but it is now holding all my canvases and gave me the opportunity to really look at my stuff again….there are many things that show my journey but several things that I do not LOVE in there – I’ve chosen a few pieces in the last month or so to “redeem.” […]


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