Creating abstract, textured canvas

I have been playing around with recording my artwork process. I have used my iPhone and a DSLR for recording – on a makeshift tripod and a real tripod.

This particular piece is one that I did in preparation for the 2nd session of my Fearless Creating: From Safe to Bold class that I’m offering in person this summer/fall. I thought I would share it to see what people think of the time-lapse video and watching the process of creating a canvas.

As I have journeyed into the art making world, I have been very inspired and gotten many ideas from watching others work so am hoping to add to that for others interested in how different people work.

Fearless Creating: Abstract (no audio) from A smith on Vimeo.

What do you think? Does it inspire you to see others create? What are some other places you get inspiration? Ideas?

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