Journal #1 – DONE

So, I hit a milestone in my journey as an artist this week. I finished my first complete art journal. This is a milestone on a couple of fronts – 1) That is a lot of practice, growth and development, and 2) I don’t usually finish journals, I usually find a prettier/shinier journal and move on so that I have a trillion half finished journals laying around and no continuity of the story.

Here are a few shots and the last page which declares that I am indeed an artist 🙂

The completed journal….so proud of all my work and the courageous journey I have been on…definitely braver now than when I started.
The final page, the final entry…..”I am an artist”
I’ve been playing around with faces and this one cracks me up – her hair is SO BIG, but then as I worked on this piece and studied it after the fact, I realized that she reminds me of how I felt as a kid with big, curly hair!!
An interpretation of Inspiration Wednesday (from Donna Downey) for Week 3(ish)

IMG_2298 IMG_2301

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