Be Curious….

I started a piece at a Reflective Art Activity hosted by a workplace. The background was made by layering crayon, ripped book text, and acrylic paint – drips & splatters.

About 2 weeks later, I pulled this out to do some playing with molding paste and texture. As I used one of my stencils (face with handwriting by Donna Downey, I believe), I decided I would make a person blowing a dandelion wish.


I continued to work on various texture aspects, including using pouring medium to adhere some fabric flowers.


I finished up the texture by glazing with black on the girl, pink on the dragonflies, and a mixed of gelato colors on the flowers to highlight the petals and stems.

I still felt like the picture was too busy and I couldn’t focus my eyes on the girl with the flower, so I did a magenta glaze drip over the top. The texture still shows through but the color unifies the top portion and draws the eye to the girl instead.


She isn’t necessarily everyone’s taste, but I like her!

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