Paper Love Birds

IIMG_1854 really enjoyed the musical love birds I put in to my cherry blossom painting last weekend, so I decided I wanted to do a series of paper/text-based love bird paintings ….I thought it would be fun to explore texture and various texts to make the love birds.


I bought a pack of 12×12 canvases so these are smaller than I have been working with, but a great size!

I have completed (I think) two pieces at this point, here is the progression.

First, backgrounds and 3D texture (branch made with modeling paste).

Then I sketched some poppies on the blue background while waiting for the modeling paste to dry. I don’t have pictures of each step but here are the “final” products….So far, I’m enjoying creating these love bird scenes.

LoveonaLimb LoveandPoppies

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