Happy Birthday Dad!

I started this painting in a group session layering words, text, and paint with drips and splatters along with a larger shape over the whole background. I chose love birds. A rather random process for sure.

I wasn’t sure what I thougth of it, I thought it looked rather patriotic – very blatantly red, white, and blue. As my dad’s birthday approached, I kept looking at this and thinking, “what can I do?” My dad, being an Army Veteran would be fond of the patriotic color scheme, I was sure.

But then what – would the love birds just be my parents? It didn’t seem finsihed though? So, I thought it would be neat to have the whole family show up on various branches as a family tree.

So, I started working and came up with this….

…but I didn’t like the placement of the kids (on the bottom branch), they looked like another pair of love birds instead of grand kids belonging to my hsuband and I. So, I modified it to this….

…and I like it much better.

I had thoght about adding blossoms – perhaps a dogwood for my brother’s dog 🙂 – or cherry blossoms, but I’m letting it sit for tonight. I will give it to him tomorrow.

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